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Extracting Your iWeb Site’s Contents to a New Sandvox site, Now that MobileMe is Closed

Wacky 6

MobileMe is no more.

Apple has been warning its MobileMe subscribers for months that the service would be closing its doors. Now that deadline has passed. Hopefully, most people who had websites published there — whether with Apple's iWeb or third-party tools like Sandvox — have had a chance to migrate their website over to a new location. But we know there are many people out there that have procrastinated, and now their website just shows the "MobileMe is Closed" sign.

Fortunately, there's a way out of this.

Many people who had been publishing to MobileMe were using Apple's iWeb. So while Mac users have been "graduating" to Sandvox for several years, we've recently been seeing a huge surge in iWeb/MobileMe users who are looking for a new way to build a website.

We built a new "extraction" tool into Sandvox 2.6 that allows you to grab the essential content of your website from your published iWeb site, and bring that into a new Sandvox document as a starting point. Our previous blog post demonstrates how to do so with a nice screencast.

Now that MobileMe is closed and iWeb sites published there are no longer accessible over the web, there's still a way to extract your iWeb site by temporarily publishing your iWeb site to your own hard drive.

First you need to publish your iWeb site to a local folder. Just choose a convenient place like your desktop.

You'll need the newest version of Sandvox.  We just released version 2.6.3, which allows you to extract from a local file.  (2.6.3 is available for direct download now; it should be available in the Mac App Store within a few days.)

In Sandvox, click the "Extract…" button from the Welcome window, or choose FileExtract Contents of Website…. Then, click the "Choose…" button to pick your exported "index.html" or "Welcome.html" page; this is the first page of your iWeb site. Sandvox will find the rest of the pages from there.

Now you have a nice starting point from which to rebuild your website.  You can bring in any other content that the extractor may have missed, reorganize things a bit, choose a design that suits you, and get it published to a new web host. (Here's the partner we recommend, but any should work fine.)

Incidentally, we've improved the site extraction algorithm quite a bit since its initial release with Sandvox 2.6. Most notably, iWeb Blog and Photo Galleries are imported much better now.

Jul 5, 2012 10:51 AM

Sandvox 2.6 Helps iWeb Graduates

Today we are very proud to announce the availability of  the new 2.6 version of Sandvox!

With MobileMe shutting down in just two weeks, scores of people are discovering Sandvox and moving over their websites. It has been a pretty manual process up until now, requiring each page's content to be copied and pasted from iWeb to Sandvox.

Today, version 2.6 changes that. While there is no "magic bullet" to make the process completely automated, our new Site Extractor feature will make the process somewhat easier. Sandvox will go through your published iWeb site, and one page at a time, create new Sandvox pages containing the main text and graphics that it finds on the iWeb source page.

And, while it's doing it, you get a spiffy animation to watch!

The resulting Sandvox document won't be a copy of your original website — while that would be nice, there are just too many differences between the architecture of an iWeb site and a Sandvox site to make that feasible. But it will be a good starting point, from which you can start adjusting things, choosing a new built-in (or third-party) design, bringing in any pieces that the extractor may have missed, and adding new Sandvox objects to your pages. Read more about this in our iWeb Transition Guide.

We've made a little YouTube video showing an example.

Jun 14, 2012 7:55 AM

Sandvox 2.5.5/2.5.6

A couple of days ago, we released Sandvox 2.5.5 (quickly followed by an almost-identical 2.5.6 for direct download only). As usual it's a free update for all Sandvox 2 customers, available from the Mac App Store or directly in-app, depending on where you bought it from originally. There's quite an assortment of bug fixes included; see the release notes for full details.

But that's not all! Because you're awesome, we snuck a few tiny features/improvements in too:

Faster adding of download links

Want to create a link to a file that you haven't yet added to the site? We've added a quick shortcut in the Link Inspector to add a file and link to it in one go.

Smarter Host Setup

We've recently been working with Sam Deane to deliver some rather brilliant improvements to Sandvox's Host Setup Assistant. Most of those are a little way off shipping, but a couple have trickled through for version 2.5.5 and 2.5.6:

When running through the Host Setup Assistant, Sandvox detects if your host requires the use of a particular character encoding and automatically applies it (before, the app would prompt you asking to set the encoding manually). Of course you can still adjust the encoding manually if desired/needed.

A handful of customers we've come across are publishing websites that are entirely password-protected. If that protection is already turned on while testing the host setup, the new version will neatly prompt you for the site's password if needed.

Neater Photo Grids

Building a collection of photos of varying proportions? We've added a new option in the Photo Grid's Inspector to control how thumbnails appear. Select "Scale to Fill" and they'll all be the same shape by cropping the thumbnails as needed.

May 8, 2012 4:16 AM

Sandvox 2.5

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Sandvox 2.5 is here today!

Yes, indeed, quite the special occasion. So what's new?


With the release of Mac OS X Lion, Apple gave us developers an exciting new set of features to adopt:

If it suits you, Sandvox can run as a full-screen app for distraction-free writing; just click the little full-screen button at the top-right of the window.

While working, there's no need for the “Save” command any more; Lion takes care of all that for you. You can quit at any time and the next time you launch, Sandvox will pop back up exactly as you left it. Furthermore it's easy to look over the past revisions of your site from the built-in versions browser.

Note that as part of our move to adopt these new features, Sandvox 2.5 now requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later. Don't worry if you're still on Leopard (10.5), we'll continue to support you, with Sandvox 2.2.5 out shortly for a variety of bug fixes.

Slide Show


This is a feature we hope you'll find some great uses for! As an alternative to a photo grid, the slide show is a nice easy way to cycle through a collection of photos. We've provided a variety of transition effects, along with control over various other details. I think the demo above rather speaks for itself!


Let's say you've just a published an update to your website. What do you want to do next? Why, tell the world of course! So we added a sheet at the end of publishing, making it easy for you to share the news using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or good ol' email.

And don't forget, we're at Macworld|iWorld this week, showing off 2.5, so come stop by if you get a chance.

Jan 26, 2012 7:17 AM

Come visit Karelia at Macworld|iWorld!

Karelia Software will have a small booth at the upcoming Macworld|iWorld exposition in San Francisco, next week: January 26-28, 2012.

Come visit! We will be at booth 228-027, against the left wall at Moscone West, in the OSX Zone, the hippest part of the expo floor!

Not to pre-announce anything, but we just might have a new version of Sandvox to demonstrate to passers-by….

Jan 20, 2012 12:18 PM

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