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Website creation for the Mac, that’s as easy to use as the Mac.

Inspired by Apple's Sherlock 2, Karelia developed Watson, its first product. A toolkit of interfaces to web services, Watson was designed to be a companion to Apple's Sherlock.

    Not long after Watson's much-praised release, Apple informed us that Sherlock 3 would be very similar to Watson. In fact, it was nearly identical. After voicing our disappointment, we were told—by Steve Jobs, no less—that Apple was the steam train that owned the tracks, and Karelia was a handcar.

    Instead of allowing Watson and Karelia to be swept off the tracks, we followed our guts, listened to encouragement from the community of Macintosh developers and users who had enthusiastically supported Watson, and we continued.

    To celebrate that spirit, we've embraced the handcar as our logo. We may not be a steam train, but we're proud of the handcrafted software we create, and we'll keep pumping along. [Read the full version in the Karelia blog.]

Information about Watson®, Karelia's award-winning utility for finding and gathering information from a variety of sources, is available on the Watson legacy page. With over twenty time-saving tools, Watson quickly became a customer and reviewer favorite.

Karelia Software, winner of Macworld Eddy and Apple Design Awards, is known for producing groundbreaking Mac apps. Karelia's premier application, Sandvox, redefines how websites are built, combining power and flexibility with world class ease-of-use and making it possible for anyone to build the website of their dreams.

Founded by Dan Wood and Terrence Talbot, Karelia Software is a distributed team of Macintosh software developers who share a simple goal: to develop simple, elegant, and intuitive Macintosh software that fills a need in the Mac community. Our first product, Watson®, was a groundbreaking web utility, and was the winner of both a MacWorld "Eddy" and the Apple Design Award for "Most Innovative Application."

Our most recent product is Sandvox® 2, a major upgrade to our pioneering website development application that won the runner-up prize for the coveted Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X User Experience. We developed Sandvox after hearing from friends and family—all too often—that creating a website was just too difficult or time-intensive using products already on the market.

Meet Karelia's creative team:

Dan Wood

A native of California now based in the San Francisco Bay area, Dan Wood is the father of two children, prefers bicycles to cars, and is involved in community groups. His commitments to simplicity, sustainability, and fairness inform his software development philosophy, as does his belief that communication—and making communication easier for more people—is vital to a more informed, active, and productive society.

Before forming Karelia Software in 2001, Dan honed his software development skills in several contexts, including “classic” Macintosh and Java development at Bear River Associates and Electronic Arts.

Dan can be found on twitter: @danwood.

Terrence Talbot

Terrence anchors Karelia Software's southern California operations and does not miss the Chicago winters of his youth. Before creating Sandvox, Terrence developed several of Watson's tool modules, including Epicurious. Beyond Karelia, Terrence has developed software architectures and led application development teams in the financial management, biotechnology, and software industries.

In addition to his engineering and architecting talents, Terrence is an attorney specializing in issues related to technology and to constitutional law. He has served as a technical advisor and editor on several high-level programming books, and as an advisor on website development to start-ups and non-profit organizations, including Slow Food Los Angeles.

Terrence can be found on twitter: @talbchat.

Mike Abdullah

Handling UK operations for Karelia Software is Mike. He recently graduated from Reading University with a first-class honours in Integrated Engineering and was fortunate enough to fall into a job at Karelia. He originally authored the Sandvox documentation, but has since moved onto coding the Sandvox application itself. Mike does not know how he would cope in a world without Cocoa (both kinds).

Mike would also like to consider himself a reasonably accomplished musician (he may be wrong, that's up to you). Having performed with a number of bands and orchestras over the years on both trumpet and percussion, he was recently the drummer in Reading, UK-based band Sixty Watt Bayonets.

Mike can be found on twitter: @mikeabdullah.

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